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The Nozzle from 20 Years Ago

January 31st, 2005 Comments off

via mary:

Between the lines reports a couple of impressive old drawings redited and available as dwf. Cool stuff !

The AutoCAD sample nozzle drawing file created by Don Strimbu back in the 80s has come along ways in twenty years. There is now a 3D DWF file fo the updated nozzle that was done in Autodesk Inventor.

The nozzle from 20 year old AutoCAD 2.18.

The new Nozzle in a 3D DWF in the Free Autodesk DWF Viewer!

Newnozzledwf2d Newnozzledwf3d


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From Precient to Spatial to PlanetCAD to Avatech to Autodesk and TDCi

January 31st, 2005 Comments off

via taylor:

Mr. Ralph Grabowsky has got a good story about Avatech (short history of m&a):

Avatech Solutions today sells its Proof Positive software and intellectual property to Autodesk for approximately US$1.9 million. Proof Positive is quality assurance software that checks Inventor MCAD models against customer-defined standards.

Avatech cannot develop competing software for two years. Proof Positive is based on PrescientQA, which was originally acquired by PlanetCAD from Prescient Technologies (a subsidiary of Stone & Webster).

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Engineered Ceramic Manufacturing Processes

January 31st, 2005 Comments off

via roby:

“Traditional forming techniques used in the ceramic industry have been imprecise because they were historically cottage industry applications and as much concerned with aesthetics as utility. Since the industrial revolution mechanization has allowed mass production and increased precision. For example, modern sanitary ware is technically challenging but usually …”

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International internet-free day

January 26th, 2005 Comments off

via Smartmobs:


Nick Temple, Director, Global Ideas Bank writes : This Sunday is International Internet-Free Day…..
a day to give your mouse arm the day off, to log in to the real world. Enjoy.

Read in his news wire what more Nick has to say about this….

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Core77 photos of CES

January 26th, 2005 Comments off

via tory:

found this web site via Boingboing. very good for CAD (Computer Aided Design) designers:

Mark Frauenfelder says:
 Ces Img Plantronics
Core77 is an excellent site for designers. They went to CES and took a bunch of pictures of interesting gear. Shown here: The MX500 Mobile and Cordless Phone Headset with “WindSmart” technology for “clearer calls in windy environments.”


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CAD software upgrade process

January 26th, 2005 Comments off

via roby:

Ralph writes:

Over at the Rhinoceros – Next Release Web page, Robert McNeel describes how the process in
updating the software:

* Work-in-Progress releases (aka “alpha” release) lasts 3 – 6 months.
* Beta versions are ready for production, but do not have the final user interface; another 3 – 6 months.
* Final release is roughly 12 months after the first WIP.

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Silicon Valley 100: new business opportunities for CAD vendors?

January 24th, 2005 Comments off

via tally:

From Joi Ito’s blog:

Silicon Valley 100 is a project by Auren Hoffman. I was lucky enough to make it on the list. The idea is to make a list of “connectors” and send them new gadgets and products to test. Newsweek just did a story about this. I think it is almost like an opt-in focus group. The obvious criticism would be these companies are trying to buy “buzz”. The difference between this and some buzz creation companies is 1) it’s not stealth 2) they don’t tell you what to say. I checked with Auren and he says that we can write whatever we want about the products. When I get a product from Silicon Valley 100, I will state this clearly in any blog post that refers to it and will say what I think. I realize that the fact that we probably get to keep most of the products makes it a bit like bribery, but if it’s crap, I’m sure most people will throw it away. I would be most interested in products that are still not on the market where our feedback could be incorporated in the product design. Then our feedback could be more constructive…

Anyway, I’d be curious on people’s thoughts.

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HP Pays Intergraph $140M

January 24th, 2005 Comments off

via roby:

From Ralph’s blog:

After losing its case in Germany, HP decides it won’t win in the USA. The powerhouse corporation agrees to pay Intergraph US$141 million, according to the Associated Press.


HP pays the big bucks to settle all patent claims by Intergraph. The two companies will shut down all pending law suits — and there were quite a few that HP filed with its software patents against Intergraph.

In addition, the two companies agree to cross-license each other’s patents:
* HP gets licenses to all of Intergraph’s patents.
* Intergraph gets licenses to all of HP’s patents that are relevant to Intergraph’s current line of software.

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Discreet Announces Cloth Extension for Subscription Customers

January 24th, 2005 Comments off

via cory:

“Discreet has just announced that for those 3ds max 7 users that are on subscription that can download a Cloth Extension. If you are not a subscription customer, you need to contact your local reseller to upgrade to the…”

Read full post from Hyperpics blog

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Two-thirds of net users could walk away from search-engines

January 24th, 2005 Comments off

Boingboing’s Cory Doctorow writes:

“Pew has just released an amazing-looking study on Internet search behavior. Two factoids from the exec summary left my jaw hanging:

Nearly half of searchers use a search engines no more than a few times a week, and two-thirds say they could walk away from search engines without upsetting their lives very much….

Only 38% of users are aware of the distinction between paid or “sponsored” results and unpaid results. ”

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Blogosphere Population Tops 8 Million: where are CAD Blogs?

January 20th, 2005 Comments off


via Marco:

PubSub reports that it is now tracking 8 million weblogs.
Is a huge number (check also Technorati).
But again not enough CAD blogs (but I’m sure many cad blog will soon arrive).

Link to MicroPersuasion Post
Link to Pubsub

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Microsoft offers subscription Outlook

January 20th, 2005 Comments off

via antony:

Lot of talking about subscription services. How many in the CAD, computer aided design field?
Now Microsoft is going to offer, for the first time, an asp Outlook; this will move all other software giants to do the same ?

Known as Microsoft Office Outlook Live, the service includes a subscription version of Outlook 2003 to connect with Hotmail or MSN e-mail accounts. For $59 a year, customers get an e-mail account with 2GB of storage and the ability to send individual messages with up to 20MB of attachments. Customers can also check multiple e-mail accounts, including corporate accounts that are managed through an Exchange server.

Link to Cnet article

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Measuring the CAD Brand Blog

January 20th, 2005 Comments off

via roby:

Zachary Rodgers with ClickZ just published the second part of his two part series on measuring blog marketing.

Big brands are quickly adopting either official or C-level blogs. Google and Yahoo! maintain company blogs. Microsoft supports both official blogs and individual employee blogs. Executives at General Motors, Sun Microsystems and Jupitermedia all write blogs of their own. And smaller companies are using the medium to raise their profile; some even hope to generate sales. But are they working? How can one tell?

Uber PR blogger Steve Rubel is quoted throughout. An interesting read and something I’ll be blogging more about in the days to come.

Original post on Unmediated

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It’s Official: Google moves to block Comment Spam

January 19th, 2005 Comments off

Good news for CAD Bloggers !

A post to the Google Weblog has confirmed earlier rumours that it has adopted the rel=”nofollow” tag that will see the effectiveness of comment spam diminish as it is adopted by major blogging tools. When Google sees the attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on links, in this case from the comment section of blogs, those links won’t get any credit when they rank websites in their search results, and the spammers will have lost their main incentive to spam blogs. On board include SixApart, SixApart LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Buzznet, Scripting News and Blosxom.

(And add Yahoo and MSN to the list. -kc.)

Via Unmediated

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CAD RSS: Cadalyst offers RSS feeds

January 19th, 2005 Comments off

via Robin Capper blog a smal but important news.
RSS is fundamental for all modern CAD web sites.

Cadalyst now provide RSS feeds. If you are not familiar with RSS they have a brief introduction and link to some readers on the site. RSS Bandit that I use isn’t listed

Cadalyst – RSS feeds

Cadalyst is pleased to offer RSS feeds for each of our Web sites: Manufacturing, AEC, GIS/mapping, CAD Management, and Instead of using a Web browser to roam from Web site to Web site, you can install an RSS reader to automatically gather new content from your choice of RSS-enabled sites.

Link to original Robin post

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How does it looks Autodesk from inside?

January 19th, 2005 Comments off

via torn:

You wanna know how Autodesk does it looks like from inside? Not so easy but Shaan has got some pictures of an internal AUGI meeting.
Not so common indeed!

From his blog:

I had to hurry and blog this meeting as there were other CAD bloggers at the meeting like Richard Binning.
Hey Richard, I beat you to the blog post!

Augibod1 Augibod2


A few photos of the AUGI gang.
Yoshi Honda the current 2005 AUGI President, Mark Kiker, Chris Lindner, Rick McNeil, Michael Perry, Robert Bell, Donnia Tabor-Hanson, Jill King, and Richard Binning.

Link to full original post

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CAD fun: computer upgrade?

January 17th, 2005 Comments off
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CAD hack: overclock your calculator

January 17th, 2005 Comments off

Cad designers often go crazy for their calculator so here it is a nice hack!

here’s a link from maurizio that has instructions for overclocking
your favorite ti graphing calculator. a simple swap of a capacitor and you can get your homework finished double
speed. add a switch and you can convert back to normal speed for playing games.

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CAD Technorati TAG

January 17th, 2005 Comments off


via Marco:

Technorati is offering a new interesting service: Technorati TAG.

Here is what it is and how it works:

What’s all this? This page shows current tags in alphabetical order. The size of the tag indicates how full of goodies it is.

What’s a tag? Think of a tag as a simple category name. Bloggers categorize their posts, photos, and links with any tag that makes sense.

Where do they come from? You! If you’re a blogger and would like to contribute, all you have to do is link to any tag page with “rel=tag” in the href and it will automatically be included here.

Thre is not CAD tag yet, but I think should be very good to have a CAD tag there; so go on tagging !

GO to Technorati TAG

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W3D Parse Error when viewing a DWF file from Inventor

January 17th, 2005 Comments off

via jhon:

This is an error it took a lot to me to solve.
I got solution at and I think can be helpful to others.

W3D Parse Error when viewing a DWF file from Inventor.
DWF Viewer can display this error on systems with system decimal separator set to other symbol than point (“.”). See Control Panel, Regional Settings, Decimal Separator.

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