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Architectural Desktop 2007 Object Enablers

March 27th, 2006

AutoCAD Knowledge Base article TS1056027
Note: AutoCAD 20907 has the current Architectural Desktop 2007 object enablers built into the product.

ARX_ERROR when opening a drawing in AutoCAD®

Published date: 2006-03-22
ID: TS1056027

Applies to:
AutoCAD® 2004
AutoCAD® 2005
AutoCAD® 2006


When you opened a drawing in AutoCAD®, you received one of the following error messages:

  • ARX_ERROR: eNotThatKindOfClass
  • ARX ERROR: eDuplicateKey


The error occurs because the drawings contain objects from the latest version of Architectural Desktop that could not be interpreted with the previous version of the Object Enabler.

Three Object Enabler Hotfixes have been released to prevent these errors.

For AutoCAD® 2004 or 2004 based products:

For AutoCAD® 2005 or 2005 based products:

For AutoCAD® 2006 or 2006 based products:

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