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Fillet with a crossing window

February 23rd, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Most CAD users are familiar with the FILLET command.  This command rounds and fillets the edges of an object. When AutoCAD 2004 was released, the FILLET command was enhanced with a new option called MULTIPLE. It allowed the user to continuously fillet objects without exiting the command. If you want to try this out, pick the FILLET button from the Modify toolbar and  on the command line you will see the option for multiple. To issue the multiple option type the letter "U".

The fillet command is a very powerful tool that I use on a daily basis. The only problem that I have with the command is when I choose the two objects I need to fillet. I always miss the selection of one of those objects. To make it easier on myself, I discovered that there is a crossing window option in FILLET. To use the crossing window, pick the FILLET button in the Modify toolbar and then on the command line type "C" and press ENTER. Now, draw a crossing window around the two objects you want to FILLET and voila! It does not matter if you window right to left or left to right, it is a crossing window in both instances.

Originally posted by Mike from The Mad Cadder

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