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After years of “we’ll tell you eventually,” Autodesk finally reveals the number of its customers on subscription: over 600,000.

During the quarterly conference call with analysts, CEO Carol Bartz noted that Revit seats are still low “as a percentage” of 3D in the Building market. Adding in ADT seats would bring 3D seats to 10-15%.

In Jan 2006, Autodesk will retire AutoCAD 2002-based products: “The retirement represents a strong opportunity for us to convert a large base of customers to subscription and to crossgrade them to higher vertical products, leading to robust growth in future subscription and upgrade revenue.”

There are no plans to increase prices; instead, the plan is to get more money out of each customer. “We can monitize the customer in a very interesting way,” said Ms Bartz.

The company expects total revenues of US$1.35-$1.41 billion this year.

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Originally posted by ralph grabowski from WorldCAD Access

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