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Share Prices Slack Off

The share price is gliding downward for some CAD software vendors. Looking at the peak-to-today price over the last year:

Intergraph is down 40% to $31 — from a 52-week high of $51.
Autodesk is down 30% to $33 — from a high of $48
PTC is down 28% to $13 — from a high of $18.
Dassault is down 11% to $53 — from a high of $60.

A second way to look at the stock-price trend is to compare today’s price with a year ago:

– Intergraph is down about $4.
– Autodesk is roughly flat.
– PTC is down about $3.
– Dassault is up about $5.

(UGS and Bentley Systems are privately-held, and do not have public share prices.)

from WorldCAD Access

by ralph grabowski


by progeSOFT

on Jul 6, 2006, :17PM

Originally posted by ralph grabowski from WorldCAD Access

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