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Portland Portals Provides Metadot Business Edition and Services to Vigo County School District

Portland, Oregon, USA – July 24, 2006 – Portland Portals (www.portlandportals.us) is supplying the Metadot Business Editions and Training classes in both administration and site management to the Vigo County School Corporation.

The Vigo County School Corporation, (http://www.vigoco.k12.in.us/index2.sh), is located in Terre Haute, IN and has 29 primary, secondary and high schools within its borders.

The Metadot Business Edition includes one year of login support, to ensure your portal is up and running 24 hours a day. Free installation on the Linux OS and regular updates to the Metadot Business Edition are included in the total price. Additional Metadot gizmos (Features) come with the Metadot Business Edition, including an SQL Query gizmo, an opt-in newsletter gizmo, and a fully customizable survey gizmo to gauge your customer satisfaction and other queries directly to your own defined audience.

Portland Portals is also supplying the 2 hour administrator and 3 hour site manager classes to their faculty. Vigo School Corporation will learn the basics of administering the Metadot Portal, user and group privileges, and how to include content in their new Business Edition Portal.

The Metadot Portal Server is an open source intranet extranet solution, perfect for small and medium sized companies wishing to share information across the Internet with members, vendors, clients, friends, family, the public, whomever you’d like to share and exchange information with.

Using group and user privileges to control the viewing, editing, and other actions of objects on your website, your users can be given control of either their own area, or content delivered to their specific audience. Features include discussion groups, calendars, version controlled documents, file downloads, links, FAQ’s, images, all of the important features to share the organization’s online experience securely with your users.

Portland Portals also offers low cost shared Metadot Hosting solutions, hosting on standard Internet hardware, high speed servers for large organizations, Metadot firewall and Metadot backup solutions, everything you need to have your own Metadot Portal.

About Portland Portals
Portland Portals (www.portlandportals.us), is an Authorized Metadot Reseller and provides installation, hosting, configuration, skins and maintenance contracts for project, departmental, or corporate intranets and extranets, allowing businesses to share confidential information securely with both internal and external staff, affiliates, vendors, customers, etc.

Contact Information

Portland Portals
12042 SE Sunnyside Rd.
Suite 591
Clackamas, OR 97015
Email: press@portlandportals.us

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