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Acad 07: Service Pack 1

September 5th, 2006

Autodesk released Sept 1 a 9.8MB service pack for AutoCAD 2007 and LT. It fixes dozens of bugs in the software, including these areas:

3D DWF, Blocks, Calculator, Command line, External references, Fonts, Grip tools, Hatching, Materials, Modify, Multiline text (Mtext), Navigation, Object snaps, PDF Export, Plot and Publish, Properties palette, Raster image, Recover, Render, Startup, Save, Open and Close, Toolbars, User Coordinate System (UCS), Views, Visual styles, and Workspaces. Many, but not all, details here [autodesk.com].

I am hoping this will fix the bug I’ve most often experienced: AutoCAD 2007 crashes while opening the acad3d.dwt template file when the graphics board is set to hardware acceleration.

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by ralph grabowski


by progeSOFT

on Sep 4, 2006, :44PM

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