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Leaked by Microsoft

AutoCAD 2008 Features
Leaked by Microsoft

February 1st, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Microsoft reports that the following features will be found in AutoCAD 2008:

* Completely developed using VS.NET.
* Uses the Search, Thumbnail, and properties features of Vista.
* Integrates completely with Office 2007.
* Embraces the new Direct3D *koff* standard.

Only some basic Vista features are supported by AutoCAD 2008: The new AutoCAD 2008 was built to benefit from some basic but important features of Windows Vista. A footnote further limits functionality: Some product features are only available in certain editions of Windows Vista and may require advanced or additional hardware.

(Why “leaked”? These features were described at Autodesk University last December, but journalists were restricted to reporting these features as being in some “future” release of AutoCAD. I s’pose Microsoft is big enough to withstand an NDA lawsuit from Autodesk.)

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by ralph grabowski


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