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UBS Wonders

Adobe vs Autodesk:
UBS Wonders

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During Adobe’s conference call, John Stewart of UBS asks the same question I had last week:

Q: And then one other follow-up question with the Photoshop Extended. Looking out into the future of this product, how deeply will they start to compete with Autodesk products?


…what we are finding increasingly is that imaging is used in all these vertical industries to do a very extensive usage. And so, while we are supporting 3D models, the reality is that Photoshop will just continue to be used to create an image of it — as opposed to doing the modeling.

So, I don’t really see Photoshop Extended as being competitive to what Autodesk is doing in the CAD marketplace at all. What I do see is that it allows people in those industries to do more interesting things by importing CAD objects and converting it into raster images.

Adobe’s answer sidesteps recognition of Autodesk’s non-CAD products that work with 3D models.

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