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SolidWorks is doing Something Right

March 14th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

They started out as the little guy and now it seems everyone is afraid of them.  I am talking about SolidWorks.  I had the opportunity to attend the SoildWorks user conference.  It was well attended, had great sessions and a decent product exhinition.  I did not hear one bad things about the conference.  The keynotes were energetic and upbeat.  Hard to do when talking about CAD. 

At Manufacturing Week, SolidWorks was a huge presence.  PTC took a couple of potshots with some brochures while SolidEdge and UG made a few remarks during presentations.  But SolidWorks held its ground. 

They know how to market the products and have focused on CAD.  It is what they do best.  They have partnered with other vendors to supply CAM and FEA.  The philosphy of focusing on what you do best and partnering with others is paying off for SolidWorks – big-time. 

They may have been the 100 pound weakling, but now, they are leading the pack.

Originally posted by rachael Dalton-Taggart from PR, Marketing and the Business of CAD

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