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Latest DWF Frequently Asked Questions “FAQ”

March 18th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Scott Sheppard (scott.sheppard@autodesk.com) a DWF Technical Evangelist for the Autodesk Collaboration Services division has updated the DWF FAQ. There is allot of great DWF information contained in this document.

Some highlights of the 35 page DWF FAQ  – Version 1.5 March 17th 2005:

  • What is Design Web Format (DWF)?
  • Is DWF an “open” file format?
  • Why is Autodesk investing in DWF? What is Autodesk’s strategy? Why free?
  • Who is using DWF? What are they doing with it?
  • How does DWF compare to PDF? When should each format be used?
  • Is DWF a secure format?
  • How does DWF compare to the security of paper?
  • DWF Precision
  • What Autodesk software publishes DWF files?
  • What is the Autodesk DWF Writer?
  • How do I create 3D DWF files?
  • What is the difference between native file formats like DWG and IPT and DWF?
  • What are the benefits of using Autodesk DWF Viewer?
  • Does the release of AutoCAD 2006 mean everyone needs a new Autodesk DWF Viewer?
  • What’s new with the upcoming release (Autodesk DWF Viewer 6)?
  • Can I give Autodesk DWF Viewer to others?
  • What is Autodesk DWF Composer?
  • Autodesk DWF Composer comes with a DWG Viewer. What is it for?
  • Can I send DWF files to a commercial reprographer for printing?
  • How do I embed a DWF file in an HTML page?
  • How do I embed a DWF file in a Microsoft Office document?
  • How do I avoid problems with missing fonts and font embedding issues?
  • As a developer/programmer, can I create or view DWF files from my application?
  • Can I use scripts with the viewer to find areas in my DWF easier?
  • What can the DWF toolkit be used for?

http://myfeedback.autodesk.com/files/DWF-FAQ.pdf (348KB)

More information on DWF:

Discussion Forums
Web: http://discussion.autodesk.com/forum.jspa?forumID=114
Newsreader: news://discussion.autodesk.com/autodesk.dwf

You may ask "why is this document a PDF" the answer is quite simple. PDF was designed for text documents such as this one. If this document was a design drawing then the best format would be the DWF fomat. The DWF format is the beta for lightweight, visual fidelity, ability be displayed on a web page, and other electronic design drawing benefits that DWF provides over PDF.


Originally posted by Shaan Hurley from Between the Lines

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