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Mozard Ships “Later This Year”

April 5th, 2005

Two years ago at Bentley’s user conference, selected attendees were given an preview of the next major release of MicroStation.

Now Bentley’s acknowledges the elusive “Mozart” software may ship later this year. Changes include:

* Tasked-based interface — I am guessing that the user interface changes, depending on the type of task you’re doing, editing or plotting or 3D modeling. Could be like workspaces in Visio and AutoCAD 2006.

* Workflow modeling — Visio-like diagramming? Dunno. Bentley is not as open as Autodesk when it comes to sharing information with the media about upcoming releases.

* Transparent dialogs — not a good idea. The word processor I use, Atlantis, has that option for its dialog boxes (see figure), as does AutoCAD for some of its palette windows, and believe me, you’ll keep them set to opaque full-time. Think of writing a letter on tracing paper on top of a newspaper. Confusion plus.

* Element templates — templates for elemets (objects) could be like objects with preset properties on the AutoCAD Tool Palettes? Maybe.

* Increased graphics performance — the usual optimization stuff, I guess.

Originally posted by ralph grabowski from WorldCAD Access

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