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Autodesk “AOTC” Courseware Updated

I just got a heads up on some new AOTC training content coming out soon including the AutoCAD 2006 content. AOTC is the Autodesk training group that provides training content to trainers and customers. If you have received training from your local Autodesk resellers or Autodesk Training Center "ATC", chances are the training was based on AOTC training content. The training content is developed by experts in the products from within Autodesk as well as outside experts.

AOTC bullet points:

All-New AutoCAD Content

  • AutoCAD courseware for 2006 has been completely overhauled.  We have all-new content – exercises, explanations, you name it.
  • This year, a full training series is in production –  Essentials, Intermediate, & Advanced, as well as the Update and “Transitioning from AutoCAD 2002” titles.
  • Exercises are available onscreen now, as well as in the manuals.

More Added Value

  • Product Trial CDs are now included standard for most AOTC titles at no extra cost.
  • The books are now in an industry-standard 8.5” x 11” size, and wire-bound so they lay flat on the desk.

Where to find AOTC?

  • Customers can purchase AOTC on the e-Store, at www.autodesk.com/aotc
  • Partners in the Americas can purchase AOTC at The Source website resource.
  • Partners in EMEA can purchase AOTC at the Autodeskstore website resource.

Originally posted by Shaan Hurley from Between the Lines

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