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TurboCAD Reads Inventor, CATIA

Spatial (a division of Dassault Systemes) has provided IMSI’s TurboCAD with plug-ins for Autodesk’s Inventor and Dassault’s CATIA V5. The translators are based on ACIS, using its automated tolerant modeling and surface repairs abilities to reduce manual healing of translated models.

CATIA V5 Reader and Writer Plug-ins read and write CATIA V5 part (.CATPart) files without requiring a copy of CATIA V5. Supports reading files generated by CATIA V5 R2 through R14 and writing files formatted for CATIA V5 R6 through R14. Supports solids and surfaces. No support for V4.

Inventor Plug-in reads Inventor part files (.ipt) without requiring a copy of Inventor. Supports Inventor versions 6 through 9. Supports solids, surfaces, and curves.

I find it interesting that the press release is headlined “IMSI Releases Two New Plug-ins for TurboCAD Professional Version 11 Using Spatial InterOp Translators” but is released by Spatial and Dassault, with no info or Web link for IMSI. Price was not announced.

It’s one thing for CAD software to handle translation from competitors; it’s another for the translation to work well. That’s because there are two stages in the process: (1) the ability of the translation software to accurately read the foreign CAD format; and (2) the ability of the CAD package to properly interpret the translated data. It’s at that second stage when problems usually occur. The example I often give is that no CAD package properly interprets AutoCAD’s variable-width curved polylines; all of them display it in some manner, but not with the fidelity true to the original.


Nearly five hours later, IMSI sent out their edition of the press release. It includes pricing info:

The new TurboCAD Professional version 11 plug-ins are available directly from IMSI. [The turbocad.com site doesn’t list them yet.] The Inventor Reader sells for US$395; the CATIA v5 Reader sells for $695; the CATIA v5 Writer sells for $1095.

Would you pay 2.4x more for a translator ($1,790) than for the CAD package ($749)?

Originally posted by ralph grabowski from WorldCAD Access

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