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More AutoCAD Setvar Tips

July 28th, 2005

So how about some more system variable tips?  (Are you getting tired of hearing about my travels?)

XEDIT –  If you’d like to disable the ability to perform in place-XREF editing, you can do so by turning XEDIT to off.

VISRETAIN – This very popular system variable allows you to keep your layer settings for attached xrefs in the current drawing.  If you’ve ever been frustrated when you return to a drawing with attached xrefs only to find the layers have snapped back to their original settings – this system variable will make your life much easier.

PSVPSCALE – Use to set the scale factor for all newly created viewports (handy if you plan on creating multiple vports with the same scale factor).  Setting PSVPSCALE to 0 will size the model to fit within the viewport (a mystery scale factor).

Top Secret Bonus variable you can only change in the system registry:

XNOTIFYTIME – I should have mentioned this variable earlier when I wrote about XREFNOTIFY (last week).  This obscure variable controls the number of minutes AutoCAD will go between checking for XREF updates.  You might want to modify this under certain conditions so I thought I’d throw it in.

FYI- the Fort Myers User Group meeting was fantastic – a good time was definitely had by all!  I was amazed at how many companies are hiring designers and CAD operators in the Fort Myers, Florida area…something for you to think about if you’re looking for a job!

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