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ProgeSOFT IntelliCAD – Inserting a block

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You can insert into a drawing any block listed in the Block Name list in the Intelli- CAD Explorer. This includes blocks contained within any open drawing.

To insert a block

1 Do one of the following:
  • Choose Settings > Explore Blocks.
  • On the Settings toolbar, click the Explore Blocks tool.
  • Type expblocks and then press Enter.
2 If you wish to insert a block from another open drawing,
   select the drawing in the Elements pane. (If the block
   is contained within the same drawing, you can skip this
3 In either the Details or Images view, select the block
   to be inserted.
4 On the IntelliCAD Explorer toolbar, click the Insert tool.
5 In the drawing, specify the insertion point.
6 Specify the x, y, and z scale factor and the rotation angle,
   or in the prompt box, select Done.
7 To complete the command and return to your drawing,
   close the window.

NOTE You can also insert a block by choosing Tools > IntelliCAD Explorer, and then double-clicking the name of the block you want to insert in the Block Name list.

NOTE You can also insert a block from the Insert menu. (See Chapter 13, “Working with blocks, attributes, and external references.)”

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