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ProgeCAD 2006 – Working with other data and programs

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Traditional paper drawings serve only as a means of communicating information between the person who created the drawing and the person viewing the drawing.
The drawings contain no more information than what is visually imparted by the creator and seen by the viewer. ProgeCAD offers rich possibilities for analyzing drawings and attaching additional data to them.
For instance, although it may be impractical to count entities in a complex paper drawing, this task is simple in CAD.
ProgeCAD can calculate the number of entities in a drawing and compute area and distance. CAD drawings can also contain information in addition to visible entities.
You can attach invisible database information to visible drawing entities and extract the information for analysis in a database or spreadsheet.
(Working with information in a database requires a program from a third-party vendor, or you can create your own means of exporting the data in LISP, SDS, or VBA.)


ProgeCAD provides in-place editing of Microsoft objects, such as those created in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel software programs. In-place editing makes it easy to share data with other users and programs. For example, you can include ProgeCAD drawings in files created using Microsoft Word, and you can insert files created using Microsoft Word into your ProgeCAD drawings.

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