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ProgeCAD 2006 – What’s new in ProgeCAD

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Create rendered images

ProgeCAD uses new and enhanced rendering features to create higher-quality and more photo-realistic images of models.
ProgeCAD include the new rendering solution with a complete set of materials, backgrounds, lighting options, and render settings.

Utilize performance enhancements

Many ProgeCAD features include increased performance. The following table describes the main enhancements and estimated performance increases.


Assign print style tables

The following printing features have greatly enhanced flexibility and control over the printing process:

• Previously you could use the PenMap/Width mapping to associate colors with specific pen widths on your printer. New print style tables allow you to still specify color-based settings, but also allow you to specify pen widths, linetypes, and lineweight regardless of color.
• Print style tables (.ctb and .stb files) are stored in files; you can share the files across multiple drawing files or with other users.

Print style tables affect numerous existing features, including: New Drawing and New Drawing Wizard; Properties and Entity Properties toolbar; Change; ProgeCAD Explorer (Layers); Drawing Settings > Entity Creation tab; Status bar; Options > Paths/Files tab; Options > Printing tab; and Print > Advanced tab.
There are also several new commands for print style tables: Print Style (printstyle), Print Styles Manager (stylesmanager), Convert Drawing Print Style Tables (convertpstyles), and Convert CTB Print Style Table (convertctb).

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