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ProgeCAD 2006 – What’s new in ProgeCAD

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ProgeCAD New Wizard

Initial configuration mask of new designs based on prototypes or predefined values.

DWF Import & Export

ProgeCAD read and write standard DWF files.

Multiple layouts

In paper space, you can use multiple layouts for different paper sizes and settings.

Unicode characters

ProgeCAD now supports the Unicode character encoding standard, which enables you to display and write text in different languages using different letters.

Manage external references

Attaching and working with external references is now easier with the new Xref Manager. You can view a detailed list of the referenced drawing, or you can view a hierarchical display that shows how drawings are nested and related to one another.
Quickly attach, detach, reload, bind, open, and change the path for all external references in the current drawing. The Xref Manager allows you to use the same external reference features as in previous versions of ProgeCAD, but in a more efficient manner.

ProgeCAD Wblock Manager

This tool simplifies the recording of blocks onto a disk; it is a useful complement to the ALE module.

ALE module and Libraries

The ALE module for ProgeCAD ensures the best organisation and management of the symbols Libraries. Full version also includes all ProgeCAD Libraries (Architectural, ANSI-ISO and DIN-ISO Mechanics, Electrotechnics and 3D Kitchen Furnishing). The ALE module simplifies work to those who work with CAD with numerous blocks.

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