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ProgeCAD 2006 – What’s new in ProgeCAD

October 27th, 2005


Editable Hatch.


Many of the incompatibilities in the previous version have been eliminated, enabling for a more accurate management of design dimensions.


Use object Snap tracking to track along alignment paths that are based on object snap points.

ProgeCAD Properties palette

The Properties palette is the main method for viewing and modifying properties of ProgeCAD objects.

ProgeCAD Quick Select dialog box

Specifies the filtering criteria and how you want ProgeCAD to create the selection set from that criteria.

ProgeCAD Copy with Base Point

Use Copy with Base Point to specify a base point when copying objects. The base point enables you to position the copied objects precisely when pasting them into another drawing.

ProgeCAD Paste to Original Coordinate

ProgeCAD pastes the object copied to the Clipboard into another drawing at the same coordinates used in the original drawing.

ProgeCAD Clip Image

With Clip Image command, you can define a subregion of an image for display and plotting.

ProgeCAD Correlate Command

Applies a linear correlation to align a raster image to a vectorial drawing or another image, setting insert point, scale and rotation.

ProgeCAD Toolbar Layer Addon

Quick launch of common layers tool.

Lineweight for Display and Printing

Lineweight is supported on Video and Plot.

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