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Silicon Valley 100: new business opportunities for CAD vendors?

January 24th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

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From Joi Ito’s blog:

Silicon Valley 100 is a project by Auren Hoffman. I was lucky enough to make it on the list. The idea is to make a list of “connectors” and send them new gadgets and products to test. Newsweek just did a story about this. I think it is almost like an opt-in focus group. The obvious criticism would be these companies are trying to buy “buzz”. The difference between this and some buzz creation companies is 1) it’s not stealth 2) they don’t tell you what to say. I checked with Auren and he says that we can write whatever we want about the products. When I get a product from Silicon Valley 100, I will state this clearly in any blog post that refers to it and will say what I think. I realize that the fact that we probably get to keep most of the products makes it a bit like bribery, but if it’s crap, I’m sure most people will throw it away. I would be most interested in products that are still not on the market where our feedback could be incorporated in the product design. Then our feedback could be more constructive…

Anyway, I’d be curious on people’s thoughts.

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