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ICADSales.com Features New Books for IntelliCAD

November 29th, 2005

ICADSales.com has added books for IntelliCAD by renowned Author Ralph Grabowski within their Online IntelliCAD Store at https://www.shop.ICADSales.com.

PR9.NET October 26, 2005 – inside IntelliCAD 6 is a new tutorial e-book for users wishing to learn IntelliCAD. The 242-page e-book is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, for immediate download. This e-book contains material new to IntelliCAD 6, such as new export and plotting features.

ICADSales.com is also offering Tailoring IntelliCAD 6, the e-book for customizing and programming IntelliCAD 6. The 204-page e-book is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, via immediate download. This e-book is based on the popular Tailoring AutoCAD series, and is revised for IntelliCAD with this material:

* Introduction to customizing.
* Changing the IntelliCAD environment.
* Aliases and keyboard shortcuts.
* Toolbar modification and macros.
* Menu customization and macros.
* Custom linetypes.
* Custom hatch patterns.
* Custom shapes/fonts.
* Creating complex linetypes.
* Layer status.
* Documentation of .txt layer status file format.
* Writing script files.
* Introduction to LISP programming.
* Understanding DXF.
"Ralph Grabowski has a long track record of providing quality training materials to the CAD market and we are proud to offer our users his IntelliCAD specific books. These IntelliCAD books can be essential for new users of IntelliCAD or those migrating from AutoCAD and can quickly bring a new user to a comfortable level of sophistication using the software." said Scott Hucke, President, ICADSales.com.
http://www.ICADSales.com is also offering free evaluation downloads of ProgeCAD 2006 Professional, ProgeMEC, the ProgeMEC Mechanical Design Software, and ProgeARC 2006 Professional, Architectural design software based on ArchT. Evaluation CD’s can also be obtained free plus the cost of shipping and handling through the online IntelliCAD store.

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