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Georeference Images (including TUMONZ maps) in Autodesk Architectural Desktop and AutoCAD

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Some map image sources provide georeferenced raster files. They are simply an image created with a corresponding reference file which stores the proper position (coordinates) and scale of the image. If you have AutoCAD Map you can scale images based on this information but a free AAC Solutions utility also makes this possible in AutoCAD/ADT.

Georeferenced images in AutoCAD – www.cadforum.cz
With the AAC Solutions’ utility – GeoRefImg – you can automatically place georeferenced raster files (pictures) also in AutoCAD or Architectural Desktop (this functionality is by default available only in Map). Any selected raster image (TIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, CIT format) with a World file is automatically repositioned to its proper position (coordinates) and scale.

If you are in New Zealand you can export georeferenced images, anywhere, any scale, from the consumer mapping product: TUMONZ – The Ultimate Map Of New Zealand,

  • In TUMONZ, zoom to the area you want
  • Right click Tools>Copy/Save/Email Map
  • Tick the “Save Image World File” option to create the georeference file
  • Choose the Copy Size, more pixels = bigger but more accurate image, then Save as Image:


  • The result is a “TumonzMap.bmp” image and “TumonzMap.bpw” reference file. Always keep these in the same folder. You can export several images at different scales/resolutions, maybe to show area overview and lot detail.
  • In AutoCAD/ADT;
    • Insert the image(s) into a drawing;
    • Command: GEOREFIMG then select image(s) to position.
    • They will be positioned & scaled exactly (default for TUMONZ is 1 unit = 1m)
      • Command: Image C:\TumonzMap.bmp (3083 x  1946) repositioned to [2655498.1,6475454.8] and scaled 0.0773273x using the world file C:\TumonzMap.bpw

This is great for location maps as you can quickly get an accurate scale map of anywhere in the country.

NOTE: TUMONZ map information comes from the LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) 1:50,000 topographical vector data set. The only requirement for re-using TUMONZ data is to acknowledge that the image / screen-shot / photograph was supplied / taken / produced by TUMONZ

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