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Tell Autodesk How Much You Hate SolidWorks

December 29th, 2005

Autodesk Marketing has put together a “satisfaction survey” for SolidWorks users to tell Autodesk how much they dislike using the former #1 3D MCAD software. (Thanks to Jim for the lead.)

Questions include:
– Has SolidWorks ever corrupted your files?
– Do you think SolidWorks spends enough time testing their software before they release it?
– What is your biggest frustration with SolidWorks in terms of product quality and performance?

Note that competitors to Autodesk have also run similar “polls” that ask negative questions about AutoCAD and other products. The problem with such polls, of course, is that pro-users will flood them with positive responses, leaving the competitor with fewer negative results than they hope for. After answering the questions, you get to see most (not all) of the results:

– 25% of users find SolidWorks software slow when working with large assemblies.
– 18% find that SolidWorks crashes too often.
– 17% have experienced data loss when importing and exporting DWG file to or from SolidWorks.
– 15% have had SolidWorks corrupt files.
– 71% think SolidWorks does not spend enough time testing their software before they release it.
– 21% rely on AutoCAD or DWG-based products to finish some drawings.
– The average number of hours spent dealing with SolidWorks problems: 161.0

The responses to the last questions (biggest frustration) are not listed. Also missing: the total number of responses. And, we don’t know the number of faked responses, such as the ones I entered just to see the results.

Autodesk Marketing is advertising the poll through Google ads, using pitches such as:
* “SolidWorks User Concerns: Join other users in sharing frustrations about SolidWorks.”
* “Software Quality Survey: Share your experiences with SolidWorks software.”

Originally posted by ralph grabowski from WorldCAD Access

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