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ProgeCAD 2006 – Creating a new drawing

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When you start ProgeCAD, the program automatically creates a new drawing based on a template drawing, icad.dwg.
This template includes predefined settings such as drawing units, text size, and drawing area. You can either use these settings or change them according to your needs.
There is nothing unique about a template drawing. You can use any drawing as a template for future drawings.

You can save many steps by basing a new drawing on an existing template. By doing this, a new drawing will contain all the settings and entities you need.
When you open a new drawing from your custom template, you can modify existing settings and delete any entities that you don’t need.

To create a new drawing based on a template

1 Do one of the following:
  • Choose File > New.
  • Type newwiz and then press Enter.
2 Click Use A Template Drawing, and then click Next.
3 To display the Open Template dialog box, click Browse.
4 Select the drawing you want to use as the template,
   and then click Open.
5 Click Finish.

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